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MUSC ASDA Senior Banquet 2014

This past weekend, we celebrated the ending of another school year at the 2014 MUSC ASDA Senior Banquet! With over 300 of our classmates, family, friends, and faculty members in attendance at the Courvoseir Banquet Hall, we celebrated the achievements of CDM 2014 with a slideshow involving all of our seniors, “Toothtime Follies” videos, senior superlatives, and awards for our faculty and staff.

The Senior Superlatives were:

Golden Hands - Candice Vinson

Cutest Couple - Chris Cersaro and Blake Burnett

Most Likely to Check your Grades - Whitney Buechel

Most Likely to Have Faculty Finish Your Lab Work - Ashley Price

Most Likely to Ask Questions - Danny Vo

Most Encouraging - Elizabeth Smith

Most Likely to Hold Up the Line for the Schedulers - Larry Fischer

Who Would You Want as Your Dentist? - Matt Andrews

The winners of our Faculty Awards were:

Outstanding Basic Science Profesor – Dr. Theresa Gonzales

Outstanding Pre-Clinical Professor – Dr. Walter Renee

Most Approachable Clinical Professor – Dr. Richard Albenesius

Most Encouraging Clinical Professor – Dr. David Whittaker

Best Dressed – Dr. Jompobe Vuthiganon

Best Smile – Dr. Stephen Malley

Best Assistant – Mrs. Deena Munoz

Outstanding Clinical Part-Time/Volunteer Clinical Professor – Dr. Richard Marks

Outstanding Clinical Professor – Dr. Walter Renee

Outstanding Overall Clinical Division – Oral Rehabilitation

Honoring of Retirees – Dr. Rivers and Dr. Collins

Once again, this event did not disappoint, and it was a huge success! Thank you to our MUSC ASDA Vice President Jessica Tabb for putting so much time and energy into planning this event, and a special thanks to all of our MUSC ASDA reps who helped make this night happen. It was definitely a night to remember! Congrats again to CDM 2014!

Want to see more photos from this event?! Click Here!

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