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Predental FAQs:

How Do I Prepare for the DAT?

Chad’s Videos (

Chad's Videos are great for general chemistry and organic chemistry. Chad reviews exactly what one needs to know for the DAT. For those who learn well in a classroom setting and are visual/audio learners, I highly recommend this course. Take detailed notes over his lectures and take the practice questions as you go. Once you have completed the course, review all your notes, and you might even want to watch the lectures again on fast forward.


CrackDAT (

Although this program is expensive, it will prepare you very well for the DAT. It is a set of 20+ practice tests that you can take section by section. After you take each section test, you can review the questions you miss, and read in- depth explanations about each question. One benefit of this program is that you can focus on the DAT sections that you are having trouble mastering. This resource is one of the best ways to practice perceptual ability. If perceptual ability does not come easily, it will take practice, and these tests are very similar to the DAT PAT. Crack quantitative reasoning gives a written answer to the questions you miss, and if you are still confused, it has a video tutorial. Also, the reading comprehension tests are formatted very similar to the DAT test.



Topscore is a resource for practice DAT tests ( These tests are pretty similar to the real DAT and are a fairly good representation of how you will do on the standardized test. These tests give you the exact timing as the real DAT and include a calculator for the PAT. I highly recommend taking these tests in one sitting and learning how to pace yourself. Learning how to properly take the DAT is critical to success.



The DATachiever resource is a set of full-length practice tests that you take online. The explanations, particularly for the PAT, are extremely helpful. However, these tests are very challenging and will stretch you. Do not get discouraged if you are getting low scores, but use this to study the areas that you need to improve. These tests will teach you how to think faster and quicken your pace. Taking a combination of Topscore and Achiever practice tests the last few weeks of studying would be of great benefit.



Kaplan is a very expensive resource but is also one of the most commonly used. The usefulness of the course all depends on how you learn and study. People have done extremely well using Kaplan (99th percentile); however, others have found the tutorials do not prepare them as well as they needed. Also, certain sections are easier than the real DAT, which can give you false confidence. With this resource, probably the most valuable part is the large amount of practice tests, but be aware that you probably will need to supplement this course with other materials.


DAT Destroyer

The DAT Destroyer is a valuable resource. It is a book of questions and explanations for Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Biology, and Quantitative Reasoning. Go through these questions as you study each section because it makes you think about how questions will be asked. Going through the books more than once may be necessary. Some questions are much harder than what you will see on the DAT, but there is always a chance you will see them. Unfortunately, the explanations are sometimes not very helpful. You can also get Math Destroyer. While these questions were broader in nature than other QR resources, it’s helpful to be exposed to different types of questions. 


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