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Find out what MUSC ASDA has been doing! Click Here to find images and videos of MUSC ASDA events like our annual Senior Banquet, Golf Tournaments, Service Projects, Annual Session, and MORE!!

In an effort to increase inter-class "bonding" (see what we did there), we highlight a CDM student and "drill" them with 12 questions. Get to know MUSC CDM a little better!

tooth time follies

"Tooth Time Follies" is MUSC ASDA's collection of goofy and fun videos created by our students. These videos are a creative means of incorporating our experiences as dental students, current events, and pop culture, and are showcased each year at our annual MUSC ASDA Senior Banquet. 

ASDA provides a lot of unique and valuable video resources for dental students. Here you will find a sample of those videos and links to many other useful resources as well!

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