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Annual Session 2012

From February 29-March 4, 2012, four of our MUSC ASDA EC members (Katelyn Flouras, Yianne Kritzas, Whitney Meek, and Andrew Ponton) traveled all the way to Minneapolis, Minnesota to represent our school and ASDA chapter at ASDA's Annual Session. They collaborated with other ASDA representatives from across the nation to brainstorm ways to improve ASDA, both on a local and national level. They met with other schools in our district (District 4) to discus barriers and successes in each of our chapters. Yianne and Whitney also served on the House of Delegates to vote on amendments and elect new national leaders. They attended various lectures on current hot topics in dentistry, including boards becoming pass/fail, the CDHC vs. mid-level providers, and life/disability insurance. It was a very memorable experience! Stay tuned to the newly reinstated Post & Core (Fall 2012) for specific articles regarding those topics! At this time, we would also like to congratulate Yianne Kritzas, who was named District 4 Legislative Liaison.

Want to see more photos?! Click Here!

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