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MUSC ASDA at Charleston Cup 2012

On November 11, 2012, students, faculty, and staff came together to celebrate the 19th Annual Charleston Cup Steeplechase. Dr. Monica Cayouette and her family were wonderful hosts and invited the entire student body to invade her house, the front lawn of which sits right on the track. Patterson Dental graciously covered the cost of tickets, and Dr. Rivers lent his time and labor to barbecue chicken for everyone! The dental school should be thankful that he chose dentistry as his career; he could easily make a living with his BBQ! Because of everyone's hospitality, students were able to enjoy a fun Sunday at the races for free... and the company wasn't bad, either! We'd like to thank the Cayouette family, Patterson Dental, and Dr. Rivers for an afternoon of food, fun, and horses!

Want to see more photos?! CLICK HERE!

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