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From March 6-9, the James B. Edwards College of Dental Medicine sent six of our MUSC ASDA Executive Committee Members to the 2013 Annual Session in Atlanta, GA. During this event, members attended the House of Delegates (the body that creates the official bylaws and processes of ASDA on a national level), met with true leaders in the field of dental research and clinical practice, and discussed the exciting track MUSC is taking in regards to dental education with our colleagues from other dental schools across the US. This week proved that while there are challenges that our profession may face in the coming years, we have a strong, organized voice for dentistry that will provide a united front as we enter the future. In addition to discussing the national aspects of dentistry, the attendees also experienced informative break-out sessions about topics ranging from malpractice insurance and residency requirements to how our practices will adapt to emerging dental trends. Look for these topics and more on what was learned in upcoming issues of the Post & Core!

***Also, CONGRATULATIONS to first year Reed Williamson, our newly-elected District 4 Legislative Liaison!!!***

Want to see more photos?! Click Here!

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