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MUSC CDM 2015 Trip to Sherer Dental Lab

The MUSC CDM Class of 2015 traveled to Rock Hill, SC to visit the Sherer Dental Lab. The class began their morning by boarding 2 busses at 6:30 A.M. and prepared for the 3 hour road trip up I-26 and I-77. Breakfast was provided by Panera Bread. The dental students were greeted by an energetic staff that was ready to show off a "behind the scenes" view of how a dental lab works.

CDM 2015 was exposed to CADCAM technology, Zirconium crowns, and their associated milling procedures. All of which, according to the staff, are increasing in popularity. In regards to Removable Pros, the students were shown the variations in how private practice dentists take impressions, submit records to the lab, and request denture characterizations. The lab methods of creating RPDs and complete dentures was also covered in detail, including Avadent Digital Denture technology.

The traditional Crown and Bridge lab processes were also shown to MUSC CDM 2015 as well as discussing various implant properties. At the end of the tour, lunch from Honey Baked Ham was provided and the class was able to visit with the staff a little bit longer before making the bus ride back. The trip back was a little more "dramatic" than the trip up to Rock Hill. There were apparently some techinical difficulties with one of the busses, so both busses had to pull over on the side of I-77 just outside of Columbia. Luckily, after only a few minutes, the drivers were able to handle the situation and get everyone back on the road and back home safely.

Thanks again Sherer Dental Lab for hosting MUSC CDM 2015 and for showing us all of the work that goes into the restorations and devices we deliver every day!

Want to see more photos from this event?! Click Here

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