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THE DRILL: Bryn Allen - 4th Year

In an effort to increase inter-class "bonding" (see what we did there), we will highlight a CDM student each week and "drill" them with 12 questions. Here is our first installment! Check out further posts HERE on "The Drill!"


1. Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia 2. Siblings: younger brother, Kyle 3. Pets: a yellow lab named Wrigley 4. Undergrad: University of Richmond, Go Spiders! 5. When did you decide you wanted to be a dentist? In 7th grade, I got an elbow to the face during a basketball game. It partially avulsed #24 and my dentist met me in her office at 10 pm to replant it and save it. 6. Favorite subject/specialty in dental school: Fixed prosth mainly, but also shucking teeth 7. Hobbies besides drilling & filling: hanging out with my friends, sports, and doing anything on the water 8. Favorite sports team: Chicago Cubs (yeah I know, its been a rough 106 years) 9. Biggest pet peeve: close talkers 10. Favorite restaurant in Chs: Husk, they have the best cheeseburger of your life and a real solid bar. 11. Folly, Sullivan's or IOP? Sullivan's, they're a little more lenient about what's in your red solo cup. 12. Plans after graduation? create a useless phone app that makes me way too much money, and/or go straight into practice and put some of this tooth knowledge to work

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