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Senior Banquet

This year’s ASDA Senior Banquet was held on Friday, April 10th at the Citadel’s Alumni Hall. This event is one of the last big events of the school year and is dedicated to the fourth year class. There were 285 attendees that consisted of students from every class, faculty, staff, and their guests.

The event started off with a cocktail hour and then as everyone got seated, the event began. A senior slideshow was shown while a sit-down dinner was served. The slideshow showed 8-10 pictures of every senior as they grew up and their journey throughout dental school. After dinner and the slideshow, the event continued with various dental-related videos and 10 awards that were presented to our faculty. Some of the awards that were given out were Outstanding Basic Science Professor, Best Smile, and Most Approachable Clinical Professor.

During the event, the South Carolina Dental Association Education Foundation Scholarship Awards were presented to a number of students from the third year class. Over $43,000 was awarded to these students. We are very thankful for our Dental Association in all that they do for our students! One of our rising third years, Chris Conzett, was announced as the new ASDA President as well. The torch was passed on by rising fourth year and Immediate Past President, Chris Ricker.

The event was a great success and many laughs were heard throughout the night. It was a good night, and a fun time was had by all. We would like to say a special thank you to Caitlin Coracy, our ASDA Vice President that worked very hard to put together this great evening. We will miss our D4s very much and will remember them for a lifetime.

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