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  • Ross McCarty

HEART Community Service

One of the things that makes Charleston, SC so fun is the amount of support for the arts in this city. Since 2014, there is one artistic group that has been contributing to the community in a unique way. HEART Artist Guild & Theatre Company is a group of multi-media and performing artists composed of adults with special needs and other developmental disabilities. They spend their time during the week practicing for stage performances, touring and recording music at studios in town, shooting videos, and making print artwork. This fall semester, ASDA led a group of MUSC dental students out to meet with the HEARTists! We passed out toothbrushes, spent some one-on-one time demonstrating and reinforcing personal oral hygiene, and then spent the rest of the afternoon playing outdoors with this fun and energetic group of adults! We look forward to continuing a partnership with HEART!

For more information about HEART, to see their upcoming performance schedule, or to find out how you can volunteer, visit

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