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  • Emily Martin

Advocacy Week 2016

Advocacy is such a crucial component of our profession, and, quite honestly, I think we need more “advocacy weeks” throughout the year to have enough time to discuss current legislation that affects dentistry and how to get more involved. Nonetheless, this year’s ASDA Advocacy Week proved to be one of our most successful advocacy efforts yet. MUSC ASDA’s legislative leaders, Myles Elliott and Anne Miller Adams, planned an incredible line-up of speakers: Dr. David Watson, Yancey McGill, and Dr. Carter Brown. In addition, we had a fantastic political action committee (PAC) support response, with over 150 students donating to ADPAC and DenPAC.

First and foremost, advocacy is everywhere. You don’t just have to travel to Washington DC to protect our patients and our profession; our local communities provide ample opportunity. Dr. Brown discussed this in relation to our yearly Dental Access Day and participation at local organized dentistry meetings. Dr. Watson explained the importance of the American Dental Association. There is no other organization that is fighting as hard for dentistry as the ADA. With so many changes in health care, it is comforting and encouraging to hear that we are part of such a powerful, pro-dentistry organization. I feel optimistic about the future of dentistry with leaders like Dr. Watson. Lastly, it was a real treat to have Yancey McGill speak to us. He is the brother of ASDA faculty advisor, Dr. Ted McGill. He is also the former Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina and will be running for governor next election. To have the support from such a personable and dedicated South Carolina leader is invaluable.

Did y’all know we have a social media celebrity on our hands? Congratulations to Anne Miller Adams for being named the national ASDA, “I am a dental voter” challenge winner!

We are sincerely grateful for the SCDA and ADA for their constant support of MUSC and our profession!

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