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  • Emily Martin

2017 ASDA Welcome Week

Two weeks into the summer semester, ASDA hosted our first ever Welcome Week. Shout-out to our new D1 students…welcome to MUSC, y’all!

Monday, June 12: Membership Benefits

  • D1 Informational Lunch | Pizza Provided

  • Freshman Welcome Picnic | James Island County Park | BBQ Dinner

Tuesday, June 13: Advocacy

  • Virtual Advocacy Scavenger Hunt

  • Congratulations to our winners!

  • Kelsey Fierstein (D1)

  • Ashley Kate Cauthen (D2)

  • Hunter Stinson (D3)

  • Victoria Walker (D4)

  • Tanner Oldham (D4)

Wednesday, June 14: Student-Driven

  • RELaXium: A D4’s Guide to Surviving Clinics | D3 Students

Thursday, June 15: Wellness Day

  • #BeWellASDA Breakfast | D1 Students

  • Wellness Center classes | All Students

Friday, June 16: White Coat Ceremony (Hosted by the school for our new D3s)

We are so so lucky to attend MUSC because our faculty and administration are very in-tune with student needs. Thus, they mandate all of us to be members of ASDA. One of the Executive Committee’s biggest goals this year is to hit home the benefits of ASDA and have everyone be excited about membership. Plus, we’re just really excited the new class is here, and we wanted to give everyone a chance to get to know them!

In hindsight, the week served as a great “trial and error” week for future planning. We utilized multiple participation platforms – food and socializing, electronic involvement, presentations, workouts, etc. It was pretty clear what activities sparked the most interest, so we can take that into planning for the rest of the year.

Big news!! ASDA has recognized our chapter as a Membership Outreach Grant Recipient for this event!


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