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  • Emily Martin

Clemson Pre-Dental Meeting

FINALLY, we were able to make the 211 mile trip up to Clemson to talk to the Pre-Dental Club and Alpha Epsilon Delta! Two weeks into the fall semester, between the opening Kent State and Auburn football games, we had over 20 students come out to hear about dental school admissions and life as a dental student.

Topics Discussed:

  • Resources used to prepare the DAT

  • Differences in work load between college and dental school (Best way I’ve heard it described? It’s like drinking water out of a fire hydrant.)

  • What to expect during an interview

  • Daily schedule of a dental student

  • MUSC’s focus on digital dentistry (ie using CADCAM our first year…whoop whoop!)

My personal favorite question: “Do boards differ state by state?” When I was a pre-dental student, I had no idea that the licensure exam is not universal and that it differs state by state. Now that ASDA has made me an organized dentistry junkie, I am so impressed that students are aware of dental student issues before they matriculate. Demonstrating a well-rounded knowledge of dentistry as a career is truly remarkable.

Pre-Dental students – if you read nothing else, please read this: Membership in ASDA as a predental student is EXTREMELY helpful. They offer a plethora of resources.

…oh, and it was pretty great getting to wear solid orange and pretend I was a student again!

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