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The Roaring 2020's

With tons of informational sessions and excellent networking opportunities, the ASDA District 4 conference was a great way to spend a weekend. One thing that I always enjoy are opportunities to get to know fellow students in other classes as well as colleagues from other dental schools. It’s fun and beneficial to get to hear perspectives from other schools as well as advice from upperclassmen. This year's theme was the roaring 2020's, so our events and socials had a fun twenties theme and we were able to dress up and relax a bit in between the days full of informative sessions.

One particular session I enjoyed was a panel called Women in Dentistry. The backgrounds of the women were very diverse allowing for a wide variety of insight into the world of women in dentistry. I loved that one of the women had done a GPR and the other had gone straight into practice. Hearing both of their perspectives was very valuable since I’m still deciding what my future looks like.

Overall I think every MUSC student should attend the District 4 Conference or any ASDA conference. From exciting presentations about large animal dentistry to advice about starting a practice, it was really a great weekend to learn and grow as a future dental professional.

- Morgan Wade, D2

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