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Dental Resources: ADPAC

What is ADPAC?


ADPAC stands for the American Dental Political Action Committee. With offices located in Washington, D.C., it is the bipartisan legislative arm of the American Dental Association, giving a political voice to thousands of dental students and dentists who care deeply about their patients and their profession.


What does ADPAC do?


The sole purpose of ADPAC is to elect congressional candidates of all political affiliations who understand the importance of dentistry and is committed to improving the nation’s oral health. ADPAC supports members and potential members of Congress who favor such legislative issues as improving access to care, increasing student loan interest deductions, expanding community dental health programs, and encouraging the use of amalgam as a restorative material, just to name a few. Across the country, grassroots dentists work to establish and maintain meaningful relationships with their members of Congress. Combining resources via ADPAC gives dental students the chance to have a significant and collective impact on political forces affecting their professional lives.


Why is it important that I become an ADPAC member as a student?


What is happening on Capitol Hill today will almost certainly affect how you will practice dentistry 20 years from now. Legislation can affect where we will practice, who will compensate us, what materials we will use, and how we will practice. In the words of Dr. Jeff Parrish, former Chair of the ADPAC Board, “our political involvement is as critical as any continuing education we might take.” Joining ADPAC demonstrates that you are aware of the importance ADPAC plays in the future of our profession. This is the best investment we could possibly make in ourselves and our future!


How much does it cost to join ADPAC?


A student membership in ADPAC costs only $5 (compared to $49 for regular dentist membership)! Students can join ADPAC’s Capital Club for only $50 (a $200 value). Joining at this level demonstrates that you realize the importance of what ADPAC does for you and your profession and that you are willing to commit at a higher level. Your spouse may join as well! A student membership including spouse is only $7.50 and a Student Capital Club membership including spouse is $75.

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