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Money matters. Tuition, instruments, boards, books, living expenses. The expenses of dental school seem to add up, creating a seemingly insurmountable barrier. How, after enduring college and the associated expenses, can one afford to attend dental school? With many dental schools costing over $50,000 a year, a D.D.S./D.M.D. degree simply does not require only intelligence and diligence, it requires incredible finical resources. Most students, unlike their undergraduate experience, do not have the opportunity to work in order to have at least some money for living expenses. Instead, students are forced to accept that terrible “l” word (loan).


Financial Aid can be difficult to understand. The importance of the FASFA, the differences between PLUS and Stafford loans, and the other alternatives may not be clear when you start out. To help, this section presents some financial resources regarding lending, terminology, and the other forms of financial assistance that are available.

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